Behind The Brand

All Screen Printing and embroidery details are made by the founders in Melbourne.

Meet the Founder behind the brand, Sibel. Herself and her younger sister Seline had introduced a specific minimalist style in their wardrobe. With their sewing machine, they made personal touches to bring out their body shape. Adding final features to work with their body the best. This motivated them to make a brand behind this unique style genre and manufacturing process. Having developed a key eye and a passion for good quality pieces.

Shawty Fashion began. 

A message a from the founder herself:

“At 20 I came to the conclusion that I have a strong passion for creating clothing, originally for myself. This led me to the realisation that the clothing I wear creates my whole persona.

I want to empower people the way I empower myself: Street style. Let me guide your wardrobe with quality fabrics and designs that don’t fall out of trend. Keeping you comfortable and confident while you focus on your goals.”

We stand for Comfort and Confidence.

Thank you for your support we appreciate it. We aim to keep providing you with the best Melbourne Street Style.